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Welcome to the Power and Speed Training website.

Are you an athlete or a coach? Or the parent of an athlete that actively watches their son or daughter in a team or individual sport?

If yes, then I invite you to read on. My name is Andy Ford and I designed this site to explain how to train for a sport that involves power and speed.

Why is this important?

Because in many years of working of with athletes and teams as a strength and conditioning specialist, I have found poor training habits and routines that have made athletes slow and inflexible. They lack foot speed or quickness, strength and power, and prepare and recover poorly.

Also, unfortunately, most coaches still use old antiquated drills and conditioning routines. These do not emphasize the correct drills and conditioning for the power athlete.

So… if you want to become a power athlete, then it ‘s time for speed training and power training that works!

But, what is a power athlete?

Well it is not a cross country runner. It is an athlete that…

  • uses the ground or ice to create force usually maximally over a short period of time and distance
  • sprints not only forward but in different directions and then

  • stops maybe cuts one way and then sprints again
  • can jump repeatedly, balance, turn and sprint
  • can push an opponent away, strike a ball with force and then sprint

That is a power athlete.

Sports that require this are most team sports. Now if you are still training like a body builder or doing long distance running for training, you are not doing yourself any favors. This is, in fact, detrimental to your sport.

Sports, like football,soccer,ice and field hockey, softball,baseball, lacrosse, tennis and wrestling are examples of power and speed sports. So, you need to train like one.

I will do my best to provide you the programs that increase power, strength and speed.

Want proof? Then please read these testimonials and success stories:

  • Success story :

  • 'Andy has been hugely important in helping me prepare for the Olympic Games in Sailing. One and a half years ago when I first started working with him, my knees were weak and unstable, and I had trouble doing my job on the boat for an entire race. He helped me rehab back to normal strength, then brought me to a newer and higher level of fitness than I have ever been. Thanks!!'

    -Stu McNay, 2008 Olympic Team, 2 person men's sailing, 470 class, 13th place cheers, stu

    Check out Stu's training videos:

  • Success Story:

  • Hi Andy, I just want to say that I think the training was very helpful and I felt like I was well prepared for the season. I liked training with my teammates, doing both speed/agility and strength training. I liked doing agility stuff the best and when our season started I felt like I was in very good shape.

    -Taylor Murphy, Patriot Ledger all-scholastic 2006 (honorable mention 2005),2 time mariner all-scholastic, 2 time league all-star, captain 2006

  • Success Story:

  • I started working out with Andy the summer of my senior year. I did a general speed and agility program along with circuit workouts. I found it to be very helpful in that I found myself to be quicker and even more flexible. This program helped me in the fall while I played soccer because I was able to get to the ball quicker and I was in great shape. I started training again this summer to prepare myself for college basketball. This program was geared more towards basketball players and involved more weight lifting. I have seen incredible results from this program in that my vertical jumping ability has increased between 3-4 inches and I look and feel much stronger. I have loved working with Andy; he is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I am very lucky that I have been able to work with him and I will continue working with him through my college years.

    -Kate Carlezon

    3 time Patriot Ledger All Scholastic 3 time Mariner All Scholastic 3 time Patriot League MVP 3 time Patriot League All Star 1,000 point scorer

  • Success Story:

  • We first became acquainted with Andy Ford in the summer of '06 when our daughter Kate Carlezon, organized a team training for the varsity girls basketball team. We were very impressed with Andy's exceptional knowledge of not only the physical aspects of sports training but with his attention to other aspects, such as diet and nutrition, in addressing the "total athlete". He also made himself readily available throughout the year for any questions or concerns we had. Having been recruited to play at the collegiate level, and being the serious athlete she is, Kate chose to resume training with Andy as she had the utmost confidence in him to best prepare her physically as well as psychologically for this next challenge in her life. Andy's high level of professionalism, dedication and his commitment to improving young student athletes is most impressive and we feel that he could be a most valuable asset in getting the SHS athletic programs to compete at the highest levels possible.

    -Sara and Bob Carlezon, Scituate, Ma

  • Success Story

  • "I have found Andy Ford's strength and conditioning system, which he custom tailored for quarterbacks, to be first class. I recommend his program to all quarterbacks"

    -Shaun O'Rourke, President of Scituate HS Football Boosters

  • Testimonial and Success Story

  • I would like to share my thoughts about a strength and conditioning specialist whom I have had the privilege to get to know. Andy Ford was one of the first people I met when I arrived in Scituate to take over the football program. He has been a friend and positive influence on my program for the past three months. One of the first things I did upon my arrival, was to begin a coordinated strength and conditioning program for the Scituate High School athletes. Coach Ford, as I now call him, was an integral part of the development of that program. He provided me with insight to the area and the athletes, as well as good advice on how to plan an effective program. I have sincerely appreciated all the advice and feedback that Coach Ford has generously volunteered. Coach Ford has proven himself to be an expert on speed development, conditioning, agility, nutrition, hydration, plyometrics and weight room mechanics. He has developed an open line of communication with me and has been an extremely positive influence on our program. I only wish he had more time to devote to us. Coach Ford runs a successful strength and conditioning business and it is my pleasure to encourage anyone who is interested in improving themselves athletically, to seek out his counsel. I have been coaching high school football for seventeen years and find Coach Ford to be an honorable, accessible, passionate and qualified instructor in the science of speed development and general conditioning. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Coach Ford.


    Steve Castle,

    Head Football Coach Scituate High School

  • Testimonial and Success Story

  • Andy Ford is the best in his field as a clinician practicing athletic training and strength conditioning. I regard him as being highly trained and skilled. Working with me personally, Andy serves to educate me and update my knowledge of physical training methods used to rehabilitate the injured athlete

    Musculoskeletal trauma and recovery after surgery is a specialty interest of mine and I will use what I have learned working with Andy on a daily basis. He has a thoughtful, systematic and comprehensive approach to reconditioning. He understands how to prepare the athlete injured or not. He brings to the training venue his unique skill sets and applies them to his clients’ individual needs.

    Dr. William A. Mitchell Jr. Orthopedic Surgery Staff Surgeon at the New England Baptist Hospital, Beth Israel Medical Center, and the Newton Wellesley Hospital Specializing in the field of athletic trauma and sports medicine Former team physician caring for the Cadets at West Point, U.S.A. Gymnastics and Alpine Ski Teams, The Boston Celtics and on a daily basis consult world class, scholastic, collegiate and recreational athletes.

  • Success Story

  • My boys have learned a tremendous amount from you and we would like to leave the door open for next summer and we will not hesitate to recommend you to any of our friends.

    Thanks, S. Kisiday

    Remember, power training, speed training and strength training for athletes is crucial for the power athlete.

    On this site you’ll find all you need.

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