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Power and Speed Training Tips, Issue #94
October 30, 2012

Acceleration and Speed Tips

Hi all,

Here are some tips for you to implement into your workouts.

For increasing acceleration (0-10yds):

1. Increase your maximal strength. It takes 6-8 steps to get 10yds. 6 steps is better. So, you'll need to strength train 3-5 days a week with heavy loads. Work on getting your lower body and core strong. Focus on squat and deadlift variations, along with some pulling exercise like pull-ups and chin-ups and rows.

2. Add in some front and side planks and rollouts for core work.

3. Mobility has to increase. Make sure you perform mobility, dynamic and active assist exercises pre-workout. Focus on the thoracic area, hips and ankles.

4. Lengthen tissue by using a foam roller or lacrosse or soft ball. Find a sore spot and press on it. Hold 30-sec. -2min depending on how sore area is. Do before workouts.

5. Perform acceleration training 2-3 times a week not on back to back days. Focus on 10yd sprints. Do between 10-12 reps. Rest 40-45sec. in between. Do either hill sprints or on a track or turf. Take long strides and throw hands back fast.

6. Because vertical force vectors are in play with acceleration, you will need to add vertical jumps and hops into your workout.

7. Olympic lifts will also help. Pulls from the floor are best such as power cleans or pulls and power snatches or snatch pulls.

8. Stretch all working muscles post workout.

For increasing speed (0-25yds or more)

1. Follow most of the format above with a few exceptions.

2. Add in longer sprints after acceleration training. Rest 7 min. Then perform 3-4 25yd sprints. Rest 2-3min after each. Rest 5-7 min. and then do 1-2 40 or 50yd sprints. Rest 3-4 min after each. *with longer sprints your stride will lengthen as your hips and knees will fully extend and you will be more upright.

3. With longer sprints, horizontal force vectors are in play not vertical. So, now you will need to add in some horizontal power work like broad jumps and bounding.

Lastly, with all workouts it is important to hydrate pre,during and post workout. Water and a sports performance pre and post workout drink is important.

Eat well and no junk. Rest and recover; listen to your body.

Hope these tips help.

Thanks for reading,


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