Train this Energy System to Enhance Your Power and Conditioning Levels

Hi all,

One of the most overlooked energy systems an athlete or coach forgets to train is the ALactate Energy System .

This energy system is responsible for approximately 80% of an athlete's conditioning however, when this system is being used in a competitive environment when speed, intensity and tempo are involved, then the demands "zoom" up to 95-100% of the athlete.

When training this system, you only need to work for 1-2 min. for the drills. I find that performing 3 min. of total work or 3sets is sufficient when introducing this training to athletes. Usually after 2 weeks, add 4 min. or 4 sets and then 5 sets or 5 min. thereafter but no more than that.

You need to have the athlete(s) rest between 2-3 min. after each set. A rule of thumb would be to have the athletes rest 3min. for the first week and half/two weeks and then slowly decrease rest time to enhance conditioning.

Here are some examples of Alactate workouts:

1. 300 yd shuttles- 50yds up (touch ground) and back (touch ground) x6 Timed

2. 300yd shuttles- 25yds x12 touches timed

3. Overhead backward Medicine ball throws (10-20lbs). Run past ball and perform 10 kettbell swings (20-30lbs). Repeat exercises for 1min. * you can add any type of kettlebell exercise like snatches 5 each arm or anything you can think of.

4. Explosive MB chest throws to any kettlebell exercise. Routine is the same as above.

These routines can be performed after workouts have concluded or as just a conditioning workout only. Only do 3 times a week to start and then progress to 4.

Have fun and work hard.

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