Do's and Don'ts of In-season Training

Hi all,

In-season training, I feel, is an absolute must to do.

Your objective is not so much to increase your strength gains but maintain them and maybe perhaps increase them slightly. Cutting down on volume again I feel is necessary. So instead of 4 sets for your core lifts, simply cut down to 3 sets for 4-5 reps. Also, always still put in your supplemental lifts like step-ups,chin-ups,scapula work, front/back and side lunges as well as glute exercises like bridges and reverse hypers.

Working on explosive power stuff really isn't worth it because your performance during games and practices is enough of a central nervous system load. The volume of power,speed and explosiveness that you are putting out during the season is extremely demanding and by taxing the CNS with power type lifts/throws will lead to a decrease of explosiveness.

You have a few other areas to focus on and they are:

1. Keep working on your mobility by foam rolling, performing dynamic movement exercises and active stretching exercises to limit your chance of injury

2. Hydrate and eat/eat and hydrate. You are going to lose about 5-7 lbs.....hopefully not 10 or lower. This is because of all the running and conditioning work. So you need to eat well ( about 5-6 small meals with plenty of protein, complex carbs and good fats), supplement with creatine, amino acids, Omega 3's and I would recommend B vitamins,magnesium and zinc supplement. Always drink plenty of water, about 1/2 your body wt or slightly more in ounces per day.

3. Get plenty of rest

Follow this formula and you will be on the right track.

Thanks for reading,


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