Answering Some of Your Questions Part 2

Hello all,

In this issue I will again answer or give advice to some of your questions.

Question from Darren from California

Can you please tell me more about sprint recovery time?


Usually a good rule of thumb for rest after a sprint is, for every 5 yards rest 30 seconds and for every 10 yards rest 1 minute.

For example, if you are performing 5 yd bursts, rest about 30 seconds and then repeat.10yd sprints = 1 minute rest in between sprints; 15 yd. sprints = 1 min. 30 seconds rest; 20 yd. sprints = 2 minute rest...etc.

However, you can go by how you feel or check your pulse rate after each sprint. I find below 100 bpm (beats per minute) to be sufficient enough rest to resume to sprint again.

Still, the first method is the easiest and is a fairly good indicator of recovery after each sprint.

Now it is a different story if you have already performed a full set of sprints ...for example 8 10yd. sprints and then you want to perform a set of 5 20yd. sprints.

In this case, because you are increasing the distance and your central nervous demand, you really need to rest about 4-5 minutes before starting your first 20 yd. sprint.

I would fully rest about this much again or a minute or two longer if you are going to increase your sprint distance once again. For example, once you have completed your last 20yd. sprint, rest 5-7 minutes before starting your 25 or 30 yd. sprints.

The idea behind all of this is to almost completely recover before sprinting again. Remember your objective is to get FAST and you will not if you shorten your recover times.

Question from Jason from Pennsylvania

I am looking for drills for my girls varsity soccer team, can you help?


Because I am not sure of what specifically you would like ie.... agility drills, speed/acceleration, overall conditioning etc...

I am going to assume that you would like a small combination of all.

For speed work, I find it best, especially with athletes who have not been exposed to real strength and conditioning training, to start with hill sprints.

So, after properly warming up your team with dynamic warm-ups (about 15-20 minutes worth) find a hill that has a grade comparable to that of a parking garage (steady incline). Start with 5 yd. sprints from different positions.... high push up start, low push up start, half kneel right leg, half kneel left leg etc..

Sprint the 5 yds. and then walk down and rest 30 seconds.Do 10 and then rest team for 3 minutes and do the same for 10 yds. but rest 1 minute in between sprints.

Do this routine twice a week like Monday and Thursday for 2 weeks and then add 5-6 20yd sprints after resting 5 minutes. Rest 2 minutes after each 20 yd. sprint.

A good agility drill to perform is the box drill

Set up 4 cones about 5-7yds. apart in a square. Have the player sprint forward to the first cone, backpedal back and then side shuffle to the right to the next cone, immediately sprint forward to the cone and then decelerate quickly and turn around and sprint back.

Do both sides twice.

To increase work capacity, do tempo runs. Run not jog nor sprint but stride with arms moving length of soccer field, now jog corners and then repeat the tempo run again for 10-12 times.

Rest 3 minutes and repeat. I would do these on Fridays after the completion of the sprint work.

Good luck

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