My Audio Interview For Top Ten Sports Injury Prevention Tips

Hi All,

I'd like to share with you a recent online audio interview I did for the Inner Circle Members which reaches a 1000+ people. It is a new website that has had other guest coaches speak about different topics relating to sports injury prevention.

The topic that was chosen for me was my "Top Ten Sports Injury Prevention Tips." I admit I was a bit nervous at first and prior to that I was way over thinking about what I was going to say.

However, after making my list out and writing little notes and related stories for each tip, it became more fluid for me.

Anyway, please give a listen and feedback if you want. The intro. is a bit long and unfortunately my voice came out somewhat hard to turn me up but turn the interviewer down (she'll come in loud so don't burst your eardrums).

Click on link below and thank you for taking the time to listen.


PS. It's about 40 min. long

Audio Interview

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