Do You Foot Fire?

Hello all,

My question to you is, do you foot fire?

What is foot fire you ask? Well it is a way to stimulate your CNS (central nervous system) to "awaken" by exciting it by peforming quick and rapid movements, in this instance with your feet, just prior to sprints.

Foot firing is a reactive type of exercise that, as I had stated above, awakens a sluggish nervous sysytem. Your nervous system is so important in your sports performance training because your brain needs enough stimulation to peform power type activities like jumping and sprinting. If it is not stimulated enough with the proper exercises like reactive exercises, then you will not be able to react as quickly and perform a jump or a longer sprint (20 or 30yds.) as effectively and explosively as you'd like.

I know you don't want that!

So, an easy way to activate your CNS before your 20-30yds. (you can do them for 10's as well but I prefer them with slighlty longer sprints where you have to use more elasticity, this is where more power is needed) is to do a foot fire drill.

Here's how you do it:

Just before you are ready to peform your 20 or 30yd. sprint, simply bounce up and down rapidly on the balls of your feet. You do not have to go high, in fact you should just be going an inch or two off the ground . The idea is to bounce as rapidly off the ground as quickly as you can. Keep our body straight and do about 6 very fast foot fires.

Next, sprint! You should feel as though your feet are touching the ground very quickly and hopefully forcefully.

Do them again if you want. It is a very effective way to "turn on" your CNS.

Have fun.

Thank for reading, Andy

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