Dual Purpose Ankle Mobility Exercise

Hello all,

Today I'd like to share an exercise with you that will help you with your ankle mobility and your vertical jump.

In case you were unaware, and I'm not trying to be condescending, tight ankle musculature and Achilles tendon will inhibit your athletic performance. Speed and power(and yes that includes your vertical jump) will be inhibited.

You do need some ankle stiffness to an extent but just enough so that your foot can absorb force from the ground and instantly dorsiflex (toes and foot pointed upward) back up rapidily.

Too stiff and your foot will "thud" on the ground and not react fast enough to dorsiflex and probably most of your weight will be absorbed in your knees. Too much mobility and again your foot force reaction will be slow because now your foot and ankle have too much plantarflexion (picture foot pressing on a gas pedal).

You would want enough ankle mobility so that:

1. you take the pressure off your knees

2. to increase or enhance your overall athletic performance

On that note, try this exercise first as a part of your ankle mobility warm-up:

Do a partial or 1/4 Squat and go up on to yor toes. Do that 10 times. Next, squat down but do not come up on your toes, heels will remain on ground. Do 10. Repeat sequence two more times each.

Next, you may also use this exercise in a slightly different way as a part of your vertical jump training.

Here's how: follow same format as above but cut yor reps to 50 and get into a fast rhythm where you explode on to your toes from the squat for the first 10. Immediately go into the other squat where you come up fast but with heels on the ground. Repeat to toes and then heels and then toes again. This should be 50 total.

This exercise will probably work best after you've done at least two-three weeks of deadlift work, bent hip lifts on stomach and either split press or push jerk work. This will give you a strong glute/hamstring base.

Give it a try and I'd love your feedback.

Thanks for reading, Andy

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