Dumbbell Snatches: An Easy And Effective Exercise To Build Explosive Power

If you are an athlete, there will be a time in your training progression that you will have to implement some Olympic lifting.


Because it is critical as a part of your athletic development to develop various stages of progression. Power development has to implemented after a solid foundation of strength and mobility of joint movement has been reached. Hopefully this will occur after a month, give or take, of 4 day a week training.

With my athletes, I introduced some form of Olympic lifting progressions with only the bar. I made them perform fast but controlled and with very good form. I would only add resistance after I felt comfortable with aforementioned cues I was looking for. Sometimes that may take a week or two before I added resistance sometimes longer.

The lift I would most often show them was the power clean. This is a great lift but can take a long time to learn and perfect. I am not looking to make Olympic lifters out of them but I do want to see explosiveness and good form.

However, if I am working with a team or group or an individual that only has a limited amount of training time, I then teach them an Olympic lift that is very easy to teach. And that is the dumbbell snatch.

How do you perform it?

Grab a dumbbell that is moderately heavy (a 15-16 yr.old female athlete try 15lbs.maybe 20lbs, male 25-40lbs. depending on size and strength of athlete) Stand in an athletic stance. Hips back, knees bent, chest and chin up. Let DB hang down between legs with right arm extended. Hook or curl wrist towards you. Now in all one movement you are going to forcefully push down feet into the ground. Your feet will then leave the ground in a small jumping up movement. At the same time pull the DB up explosively and in an upright row movement so elbow is bent upwards. Continue movement by extending arm up and slightly back behind you. Almost like throwing the DB behind you. Bring DB down and repeat 4-5 times x 3-4 sets. DO FAST and EXPLOSIVE. Remember this is all one movement; don't break it down

It may sound difficult but in fact it is very easy to learn. If you have a kettle bell, you may also use that. You don't need to go too heavy, remember you are going for speed so you will want to handle a weight that you can perform fast and with good form.

This is a great exercise for power development and a fun alternative to traditional Olympic lifting exercises.

If you have any questions about this exercise or any questions in general, please contact me.

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