Exercises You Can Use In The 10yd. Zone

Hello all,

As you may or may not know, most team and individual sports require or will require an athlete to accelerate for approximately 10yds many times during the course of a game.

In most cases it is from 0-10yds and in many different directions. This will be the average yard range you will work in most of your games.

Working in this range requires an athlete to use more max. force because of the short distance. So, if you want to be fast in this area you have to be strong enough to create maximal force with minimal ground contact.

You should know by now that strength training your posterior chain muscles will definetly help to be fast in this 0-10yd.range.

However, there are a few other exercises you can use in your warm-ups that will help as well.

1.Side-side bounding 10yds forward and backward. Push off hard on one foot and land on the other. Repeat for 10yds. Do 3-4 sets Resting 1 1/2 min. in between

2.Medicine ball chest throws to sprint

2b.Medicine ball granny throws to sprint (squat down with MB between legs and immediately throw the MB as far forward as possible while you are jumping up and forwards)

2c. MB side throws to sprint. Make sure you do both sides 3 times each

*Use a heavy medicine ball

3. Forward broad jumps for 10yds 3b.Forward to backward broad jumps

Make sure you get enough rest in between sets; you are not working for endurance. This is to help you build upon your max. strength zone. To make these harder, you can use a resisted body vest.

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