Lessons From The Olympics

Hello all,

Having just seen an amazing Olympic hockey game for the gold medal between Canada and the U.S., it made me once again realize that even if you or your team has less talent than your opponent, speed can be so intimidating that it can be the great equalizer.

The U.S. team which, I beleive was maybe the fourth best team in the tournament, surprised a lot of people by making it to the gold medal game against a juggernaut Canadian team.

Not only did they take the Canadian team to overtime, where they eventually lost, but in doing so their overall team speed caused a lot of problems for Team Canada. Including turnovers, confusion and creating many scoring opportunities for Team USA ....even with a less talented team.

Now, I love all competition and I enjoyed the patience, good coaching scheme and great skill of the Canadian players but I always find it fascinating when a less talented team uses its speed to create so much havoc. It didn't have to be Team USA it could have been any country that is hungry,exciting and yes FAST !!

I think of the Cameroons and Nigerians in the World Cup ...not as talented as the other usual powers like the Italians or Brazilians but just caused so many problems with their team speed.

I'm sure you've seen this in any sport and not just at the professional level but at the collegiate, high school and youth level. Speed changes everything

And the good news is that if you are smart, you can train for speed. It is possible.

So the lesson for you to better your sports performance is to always:

Train to increase your Sports Speed .... straight ahead and multi-directional speed by:

1.increasing your overall mobility

2. strengthen your main speed muscles like the glutes,hamstrings and trunk

3. train to increase your short burst speed (10's and 20's)first and often.

4. working on quickness of hips,feet and hands

5. stretching and recovering fully afterwards

6. eating and hydrating properly and thoroughly.

Follow these tips and you may be the one surprising people.

Thanks for reading, Andy

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