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In this newsletter I would like to reiterate the importance of free weights and movement based exercises as opposed to machine based exercises that provide only one joint movement and one plane of movement.

Free weights, dumbbells, cables and medicine balls provide a greater range of movement and require more muscles to be utilized in a particular exercise than one machine based exercise. Free weights also have more carry over to your sport than a machine exercise.

So what machine exercises am I talking about? There are a number of them but there a few that really do not have any transference to your game.

Here are a few:

1. Leg Press- Many people will tell me that they can leg press 500lbs or more. So what? Do you squat at all? That is a much more functional exercise which will definetly help you with your strength, balance and sports speed.

The leg press has your whole trunk supported against a pad so your core stability is limited and your hip extensors and hamstrings are not fully engaging as they would with a squat. This is very important as I have written about in past newsletters.

2. Leg extension machine- For an athlete to do this machine is absurd. Again you are sitting and engaging only your quads. Squats,front and back as well as split squats and lunges are a much better alternative.

Remember think about movements and muscle groups not just one muscle.

3.Leg curl- Again, a better alternative is a squat and/or a deadlift. Lunges will help as well.

Other alternatives include single leg bridge and a triple threat stability ball exercise.

If you need assistance with any of these please contact me.

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