Basic Strength Training Template Part 1

Hi all,

Strength training for sports speed is an extremely important component to your routine. Although I have written a few newsletters on this topic in the past, I will touch base upon on how to gain strength even if you have just started training or are more experienced.

Here is a basic template for a month based upon if you can perform 2 sets of 25 bodywt.squats, 10 single leg squats to bench, 10 perfect form pushups (knees always extended, no rocking as you push up and going deep enough so that your chest would touch a softball), at least 1 dead hang chin up or 10 body rows.

If you can do all of the above perfectly, then here is your Monday strength training workout:

1.Back Squat parallel to floor or below 4 or 5 sets of 5 reps only if your 1 rep max is twice your bodywt. 3 reps if your 1 rm is above twice your bodywt.

2. Single leg squat variation. Here you can perform a rear foot elevated single squat, a step up or any lunge variation. Do 3x8 for all except lunge variation. For those do 10 each leg. *Do only of one these exercises on Monday. Do a different one on Friday's workout.

3. Knee flexion exercise- pick either a glute/hamstring raise, pike's on a stability ball or knee lifts on a pull bar.Do 3 x10-12

4.Hip extension low back strengthening exercise- Choose either Good Morning's (slight bend in knees... like a bow) or single leg RDL's. Do 3 sets x 8-10 reps

5.Core without extension- Choose static front plank holds (butt squeezed, shift wt. slightly forward, keep hips level) 3 x30 sec. holds or abdominal wheel rollouts or stability ball rollouts (forearms on ball, you are in plank position). 3 x10-12. Remember choose one and do the next exercise another day.


As you can see this is strictly a strength program. I did not include warm up prep or power work.

Good Luck and have fun

Coach Ford CSCS

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