More Effective Condiitoning Drills for Your Sport

Hi All,

Lately I've been getting asked by my athletes about what type of conditioning they should be doing.

My first response is NO LONG DISTANCE JOGGING !!. Some will look at me astonished and say "well I have been doing that" or "what else can I do ?!"

Just please don't do that. I really don't want to get into all the dreadful details of how distance jogging for "conditioning" does not transfer well at all to a power,strength and speed athlete.

You can search my website and go into my old newsletter archives and find the more specific details about how jogging for conditioning does not help an athlete that plays a power/speed/strength sport if you wish.

Anyway, I have mentioned in past newsletters that tempo runs and body weight circuits are a great way to build up your conditioning. Plus they transfer much better to your sport.

However, I'd like to expand upon a few more that you can do now.

Here are three that you can do:

Week 1&2- 300yd. shuttle. Sprint or at least a good stride out run 50yds.Touch line with closest hand and sprint back. Do 6 times total. Time it. Hopefully it will be in the 1min. 15-20sec. range. Aim for 1min. 10sec. Rest 3min and repeat. Rest another 3min and repeat for a total of 3 times.

Week 3&4- 300yd shuttle 25yds x 12. Up/back 12 times total. Rest 3min. and repeat for a total of 3 times. Always resting 3min after each shuttle. Again you are aiming for 1 min. 10sec range for each one.

Week 5-6- 300yd. shuttle 20yds x 15reps. Same as first two but now you are doing 15 sprint/touches total for 3 sets. Same rest and same time to complete.

These will increase and improve your work capacity while strengthening the eccentric component of your quads.They will also help to improve your deceleration which is critical for speed and agility development.

Do these twice a week not on back to back days.

Have fun and thanks for reading,


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