Observations While Working Out at The YMCA

For the past month or so I have been doing my training at the local YMCA. It is a beautiful facility that is very family friendly and has an impressive array of ongoing classes that are surprisingly up to date.

In other words, they offer kettlebell training, some speed and agility classes and fairly high level MMA classes as well.However, without sounding snobbish, the caliber and expertise of the trainer is probably mediocre at best. It is geared for the general population who are looking for a change and not performance... which in this case is fine.

I will put the above aside by now writing what I really observed and frustrates me to no end and that is this.... most of the guys I saw training were still stuck in a 1980's time warp.

They were still doing these old and outdated bodybuilding routines! You know back & biceps work, 4 or 5 exercises of each and then come in 2 days later and perform about 3 variations of the chest press and the same with chest flyes. However, it wouldn't be complete without hitting every shoulder angle like front, side or rear and then hitting the triceps with every angle and exercise possible.

All for what? To walk like a caveman? With shoulders rounded forward and huge biceps! These guys had no butt whatsoever, no hamstring nor quad development either. They looked stiff and walked like Frankenstein

You could tell where their priorities lie. I bet they've been doing this same sad routine for many, many years without asking for any advice on how best to progress or just change up their workout.

Unfortunately, I have had many athletes come across my path without any sports performance training background and have followed the same antiquated workout routine as the guys at the Y.

It's amazing how this bodybuilding split body routine has so much legs to it. It must be carried on by their Dad's, coaches or guys at the gym.

It is important to empower yourself to get better in your sport and that means to either hire a certified strength and conditioning specialist, attend clinics that have certified specialists on sports performance or researching strength and conditioning websites and journals and asking questions to these professionals.

We gotta got of this time warp!

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