Revisiting Quick Basic Tips for Speed

Hi All, Because I get frequent email requests about how to increase speed, I will again go over some basic tips. I advise those of you on my newsletter list (thank you by the way) who are still speed hunting to save this article as a cheat sheet. This is only for 10 and 20yd sprints which are more important.

1. Always do mobility work before sprint drills. This is not static stretching where you hold a stretch. These are movement drills that loosen up the big joints like the hips and the surrounding muscles. Not prepping yourself with these exercises will not only decrease your chance of getting faster but also will increase your injury potential. Take 20 min give or take to do some drills. (I have old newsletter articles about mobility exercises that you can use; no excuses)

2. Do a few sport sprint mechancic drills next to get your nervous system ready for sprints. These are foundation movements like marching, skips, power skips and A-runs. Only do between 10-20yds 1-2 times. Work on quick and frequent touches all on the balls of your feet. Drive hands back fast.

3. Do a few quickness drills to really excite your nervous system and to really ingraine in your head that you have to have to touch the ground quickly and forcefully. Examples are pogos and side/side jumps (about 3 inch jumps each direction) Do about 3-4 sets for 15 reps. Again, look into the back issues of my newsletter to find explanations of these drills.

4. If you are a beginner to acceleration work, my advice is to begin with hill sprints. Hill sprints are very good at putting you in the proper starting angle and unlike doing staduim steps, they allow you to extend your hips. Start with 10 10yd sprints. Walk down and fully recover for 1min. and then sprint again

5. Start 20yd sprints aftert 2 weeks. Rest 3-4min. after last 10yd. sprint. Do between 6-8 20's with a complete 2 min. recovery before sprinting again.

6. You should now follow the same format but perform these drills on a track or flat surface.

7. As you start your start your sprint you should explode forward. Take as long a stride as possible by pushing the ground away from you, not over reaching! Drive hands back fast! Take as few steps as possible. It should take you 3 steps for the first 5 yds and then 3-4 after that if you are sprinting correctly. Don't count steps or do little jumps; just follow the cues above.

8. Static stretch big muscles (hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, calfs,glutes) Hydrate a lot with water. Do not sprint again until 2 or more days later or you will not get faster

Good luck

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