Remember the Force

Hi all,

Sometimes all it takes for me is to read another strength coach's article to remind me of a particular issue.

Having read Coach Boyle's article on why fast feet is not as important as you think, it again brought me back to reality.

Huh?! You're asking. Fast feet.... isn't that what it's all about in athletic performance?

Well, yes and no. As I have always preached, striking the ground with force and recovering quickly from that force is what will make one 's feet fast.

As Coach Boyle said "The problem is fast feet don't use the ground well to produce force. Fast feet might be good on hot coals, but not on hard ground".

If you think about that in sports terms, then an athlete with fast feet but limited strength will NOT have a good first step and will have a slow start.

How much force you push into the ground creates forward motion and speed. And that my friends is why strength training is so crucial.

Not machines. Not leg press. But feet on the ground strength training like squats below parallel and deadlifts.

Make sure you are working in the 4-5 rep range and set range. No bodybuilding routines.

Strong legs and hips equal fast.

"Michael Flatley has fast feet, but he doesn't really go anywhere. If you move your feet fast and don't go anywhere, does it matter?"

Yes, another Coach Boyle quote but so effective.

Remember the force!

Thanks for reading,


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