Some of The Top Ten Things You Should Do Right Now

First off, Happy New Year to everyone. May it be a healthy and prosperous one.

If you are either in a sport right now or are in a transition period for your next one,

you need to be doing the following:

1. Eating and hydrating correctly and getting enough rest. In other words, start creating good habits NOW!

2. Always do some sort of movement prep work before you train. It can be a lunge routine, hip and ankle mobility work and/or basic dynamic flexibility exercises like hip to chest walks, straight leg kick walks..etc Doing these every time you train will decrease your chance of injury and increase your movement mechanics.

3. Do some body weight training. Build up your strength endurance with body weight training. This is a great primer before you hit the weights for strength training. Push-ups, pull-ups, body rows, squats to box, one legged squats, and step ups are some examples. 3 sets of 15 -25 for most with the exception of perhaps the pullups and body rows. 10-12 range will do.

4. Start doing your acceleration work. For example, sprint up small hills for 10 yds. Or go to the track and do the same but lie on your stomach or start from a pushup position. This will help with your first step quickness. Do 2 times a week with 48hrs in between. 6 reps and progress 10 yds every 2 wks.

5. Stretch and recover with a foam roller or massage after training. Don't forget to hydrate!

6. Start strength with wts. about 2 weeks after your body wt. training. Work at 65-70% of max to begin with, about first 3 weeks and then gradually increase intensity to 75-80% next 3 weeks and then 85-90% last 3 weeks. First 3weeks: 3-4 sets 4-6 reps. Second 3 weeks 4x5

Last 3 weeks 4x4. Do Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press and heavy 1 arm row as basic core strength lifts.

7. Begin your power work the beginning of the second week of your first week of strength training.Do either depth jumps, box jumps, hurdle jumps or vertical jumps after your strength training.

2x5 jumps. Take 2 min. rest in between sets.

8. Core work. This should be included in all your workouts either after your warmups or at the end of your workout and before your post stretches.

9 and 10. Eat well, always hydrate, rest on off days and always listen to your body. I know I'm being redundant but this is often the most overlooked and perhaps the most important.

Any questions please contact me, coaches as well.

Thanks for reading,


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