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Power and Speed Training Tips, Issue #91
July 27, 2012

Sports Performance Tips Part 1

Hi all,

I'd like to share some sports performance tips covering all areas of athletic performance. In today's newsletter I will go through some tips for strength training and mobility work.

1. Strength Training is a must. This not only includes training with free weights but dumbbells, kettlebells and free motion cable system.

2. To get strong you must train in the 6-8 rep zone which will be approximately 75-80% of 1 rep max.

3. To get stronger you have to train anywhere from 3-5 rep rangeor 85-90% of your 1 RM

4. In order to increase your sports speed, you have to get strong...especially in your hips.

5. Strength training will increase your speed but you have to do the correct exercises in order for this to occur.

6. Pulling a heavy weight from the ground like a deadlift movement is an essential exercise to help an athlete potentially increase speed. It allows you to create more force by pushing into the ground thus increasing force and allowing you to potentially increase your foot speed.

7. Athletes of all sports should be deadlifting and squatting below parallel. This includes soccer players, baseball players and even swimmers. I mention these athletes because for some reason they don't do these lifts or will do them with a light wt.

8.Doing mobility work for your hips, ankles and shoulders before your workouts is a must. They will increase your performance and will potentially keep you injury free.

9. Using a foam roller, lacrosse ball or soft ball for soft tissue work before workouts is also a great tool to increase mobility and lengthen tissue. Press on sore areas like glutes, calf, peroneals (outside of lower leg) subscapularis (just below chest and armpit) and in between shoulder blades. Hold for 30sec. to 2min if very painful.

10. Stretch post workout to increase your flexibility and decrease chance of injury. Always stretch your shoulders (front, back, side and rotational) hips (glutes, hammies and quads) and lower leg (calf and soleus...just below calf.

Next time I will include tips from another another area of sports performance.

Thanks for reading,

Coach Ford CSCS

IYCA Speed and Agility Specialist

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