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Power and Speed Training Tips, Issue #92
August 29, 2012

Sports Performance Tips Part 2

Hi all,

In this newsletter I will go through another area of increasing sports performance with a few tips that will help you.

The focus will be on how to train for power.

1. Remember that power is how fast you can create force over time. So think of sprinting in the open field, court or ice. The rate that you are pushing into the ground and instantly lifting up your foot and then instantly driving it back down again as fast as possible while lengthening your stride length and performing this effortlessly and continuously would be such an example.

2. Jumps are the easiest form of power and they are the easiest to perform and teach. Start by squatting down and jumping up and landing into a squat. Repeat 3-5 times each time with perfect landing form.

3. Next do side jumps. Do 3 each direction.

4. Progress to a box jump. Start at 12 inches and do 10. Land into a squat and land right in the middle of the box. Perform them quickly. Jumping on/off box fast

5. Increase height until you have reached your max for 1-3 reps.

6. Train at a height where you can perform 20-24 touches or 4 sets of 5 or 6.

7. Include jump work twice a week preferably before strength training.

8. Work on Horizontal power by including horizontal jumps or leaps into your workouts. These are great for all athletes especially pitchers, hockey and soccer defense men, baseball infielders and football players at skill positions.

9. Do horizontal jumps or leaps twice a week a month after box jump training. Again do approx. 4x5.

10. Hop and holds are great for single leg power and stability. Hop as far you can on one leg and then hold it upon landing into a squat. Repeat x5-6 each leg for 3 sets.

11. Medicine ball throws into a wall are great for increasing rotational power . Try this. Find a medicine that weighs 4-6lbs to start and stand and face a wall. Hold ball with both hands. Twist body to the right and powerfully release the ball into wall. Do not catch it, kind of guide it back to your release point and keep repeating throws for 6-8 reps. Repeat other side. Do 4 sets.

12. Lastly, learning how to perform Olympic lifts starting with a bar is another great way to build power. Olympic lifts are all about speed of movement performed with great technique. Work on snatch and clean progressions first and then slowly add resistance. Remember you want to work on technique and speed with these lifts.

I know I left out some other examples of power training but try some of the ones I listed first to get you started.

Also remember, that the DVDs I recommend below have these exercises to look at and practice.

Thanks for reading,

Coach Ford CSCS

IYCA Speed and Agility Specialist

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