Stay Low is The Way to Go

Hi All,

What does squatting below parallel have to do with agility?

The lower your hips can bend the more fluid your movements will be while changing direction. Sounds important, right? If you're an athlete I'd say it's extremely important.

Think about it, if you are "too tall" and an opponent tries to go around you, who do you think is going to win and who will end up either on his back or be completely twisted up in knots?

Answer: the guy or gal who does not drop his/her hips low enough to change direction, sprint and catch the opponent.

Sounds simple.

However, an over looked way to teach athletes to stay low besides going over agility drills, is to teach them to squat below parallel. This does not mean to load them up with heavy weights right away. It means to simply teach them to squat with their bodywt. to a low box or bench, sit for one full second and then explode up without rounding their backs. Keep chest up and eyes up as well.

You'd be surprised at not only the poor form but also the lack of strength/endurance to complete a minimum of 20-25 reps. Imagine asking for 3 sets after resting for 120 seconds in between sets.

Believe me it's not that hard.

Now if you can picture that athlete trying to be agile in his/her get the picture.

So, next time you think squats are a waste of time or are performing them only to partial range, think about how that will transfer to your sport.

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