The Front Plank: A Great Abdominal Exercise to Help Develop Your Strength,Speed and Power

In the last newsletter I mentioned three exercises that I use for athletes that have just starting working with me.

1. The side plank,

2. The push up starting from a full prone position,

3. and the front plank

I test them (my athletes) to check core isometric strength and stabilization of the trunk. If the pelvis and shoulder girdle aren't stable during these exercises then chances are the surrounding muscles are not strong enough to do their job.

In this case, the hips will drop or fall forward or sometimes "tip" up or back. The shoulder girdle will either" sag" forward or be so flat that no natural "S" will appear.

Now, again I say to you can you picture an athlete with those various issues being very strong? How about fast? Do you think they've reached their potential for developing speed,strength or power?

I seriously doubt it. Also, think about the injury potential of these athletes with their poor posture and weak trunks. Oh man!

Listen, all the crunches and variations of crunches will not help. These flex the spine and reinforce poor posture. You want to think trunk stable and lengthened.

Ok to properly perform a front plank you need to lie face down with your forearms on the ground and then do as follows:

1.Elbows are directly in line with your shoulders.

2.Squeeze your butt and keep it squeezed.

3.Next "pull" your stomach in like you're putting on a pair of tight pants and squeeze and hold them as well.

4.Come off the ground and shift your weight forward slightly.

5.Weight should be on forearms and toes.

6.Trunk should be level, hips should not drop or go up too high (butt in the air).

7.Do not clasp fingers together.


Once you can eventually hold this position for 2 minutes. You can then progress to other front plank exercise movements.

Best to use a mirror to watch form.

Good luck and thanks for reading

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