Thougts Watching the NFL Combine

Hi All,

I'd thought share my thoughts upon watching the NFL combine. I'd love to watch any sport that has a combine but

a. only a few sports have it

b. the ones that do don't have the appropriate testing drills for their sport,in my opinion. Even Football (American)the drills are questionable but better than both the hockey combine and baseball tests (it's not a combine).


c. The NFL is the only professional organization that I know of that televises it. I don't think the NHL does.

If football is not your sport, please still read on because this article is about athlete movements that apply to all sports. Anyway, this is what my trained eyes saw as far as observing any athleticism in this event: After watching the Defensive linemen, LB's and DB's performing the 40 and the 3 cone, I came to the conclusion that some of the guys were:

1. well prepared by either their strength coach and/or speed coach;

2. just prepared by a speed or track coach for form (start and sprint mechanics only);


3. just did not prepare at all or started way too late Let me briefly explain all three. For the first, these athletes just looked fluid and effortless. Their hip and shoulder mobility looked fluid, not stiff. When they were sprinting, hips were aligned with their knees and ankles (knees nor ankles were out in front of body). Shoulders were back and not forward (a sign of a tight chest).

For the 3 cone drill, they all stayed low and transitioned their cuts perfectly. Turns were made with their hips and not shoulders and they were made very quickly and without effort. For the second group of athletes, it looked as though they were only trained just the mechanics of the drills and not working on mobility and other major facets of strength and conditioning/sports performance.

So, even though these guys looked great mechanically they looked stiff in their hips thus making their shoulders less fluid and stiff as well. All of this is extremely important when trying to get yourself noticed for good reasons and getting good times in this environment is crucial! For the third group, well, not preparing or preparing too late is inexcusable at this level with all that money on the line.

These are the guys who: had hamstring pulls, calf cramps, ran with choppy strides, ran leading with their knees, ran with their foot out in front and not underneath them, performed the 3 cone drill running and transitioning too high and turning with their shoulders and not hips. Awful athletic fundamentals. These guys if they are fortunate to make a team, probably will be injury prone. Lesson:

Mobility! Mobility! Mobility! first, then train basic fundamentals for athletic/sport performance.

Training these often will make everything else easier ie..strength,speed/acceleration, agilty, quickness,power and less chance of injury and possibly more playing time for athlete. Thanks for your time and if you want to pass this on to another coach or parent or athlete even better. Thanks for reading, Andy

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