Tips for Keeping You Strong

Hello all,

Being strong in your sport and in day to day life is,if you didn't know by now you must not be paying attention, crucial to your athletic performance.

For those of you who are participating in a regular year round strength training program, here are some tips for you (with help from strength coach Jason Ferruggia who reminded me of some forgotten tips) For those who are not, what are you waiting for!

1. Always manipulate your program by increasing the wt. Progressive overload is a principle that you must adhere to. In other words, to make progress you must constantly increase the load (wt.) Practicing it will make you stronger and yes bigger. Lifting the same wt. over and over again will not make you stronger.

2. Change your routine every 4-5 weeks. Some strength coaches say every 3. I don't think that's wrong either. It depends how your body is reacting. Is it getting tired? bored with the same routine? Then, in order for it to grow and become stimulated again, change the routine. Do different exercises. Do different sets and reps for the same exercise. Change the tempo of the same exercise (do it faster and more explosively) but change it.

3. Weight train for only 30-45min. maybe a touch more. I see to many athletes spending too much time either talking or spending too much time in the gym lifting wts. that won't make them strong. Work hard for 30-45min. that is when mental alertness and strength gains will be a its highest.

4. Compound exercises are the king when it comes to weight for strength. Exercises like squats(various forms), deadlifts,bench press, rows, over head presses and chin ups require major muscle groups to work which translate much better to athletic performance than single joint exercises.

5. Eat well and make a commitment to eating well...your performance and strength rely heavily on it.

6. Rest and enough sleep is a huge factor. Your muscles need time to repair and grow. Without enough rest and sleep it makes it difficult to for muscles to repair and grow properly....strength gains will suffer.

7. Recover. After intense training your body again needs proper recovery to accelerate progress. You need to "flush out" all the waste products(mostly lactic acid buildup) that have accumulated in your body. Things like using a foam roller, taking a hot and then cold shower or getting a deep tissue massage are forms of recovery that serious athletes use after every training session. This is also a way of speeding up muscle repair to ensure strength.

There you have it. Follow these tips to help you with your strength development.

Thanks for reading,


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