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Hi all,

As always, most of the emails that I receive have to do with how to increase speed. However, what the athlete and coach must realize is that to do so a thorough and comprehensive approach to training has to be completed in order to attain this goal of increasing sports speed.

Football by far is the sport in which I receive the most requests to increase speed for. So, on that note, I am gladly endorsing coach Duane Carlisle's DVD Total Football Training as a must have .

Coach Carlisle is the former SF 49er strength and conditioning coach, whom I've had the pleasure of seeing speak on various occasions. He is a very bright and innovative man who loves to teach. Personally, I have learned a great deal from his seminars, in particular on speed topics. Now, I'd like to share his knowledge with you.

If you invest in his DVD now and do all the training provided in it for your off-season program, by the start of the football season you will be more than ready to go . Believe me!

Thanks for reading and check out his link below.

Coach Ford CSCS

PS the price is very reasonable for the content he provides.

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