Training Beyond The 10yd. Zone

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In the last newsletter we discussed exercises that you can apply to augment your speed in the 0-10yd. area.

To refresh your memory, athletes' in most team sports and some individual, generally sprint anywhere from 0-10yds. in multi- directions about 80-90% of the time during the course of a game. In this range, you have to rely on mostly max. strength of your posterior chain muscles (glutes,hamstrings and ankle musculature) along with maximal ground force applied from your hips, ankles, feet and toes while minimizing your steps.

Training beyond the 10yd. zone requires more elasticity from the above muscle groups. Without getting too technical, the more movement an athlete gets from the joint (primarily the hip, shoulder and ankle)the more power and elasticity an athlete can illicit. Thus, the training to meet this demand is different.

If you can picture an athlete as they sprint beyond 10yds., how their stride "opens up" and if they are powerful, you will see a nice fluid motion and a " lightness" of their feet.

A few example of exercises that will help build elasticity include:

1. Repeated vertical jumps with minimal ground contact and then explode up again.

2. Depth jumps to box jump low to high.

3. 1 foot depth hop to box hop/hold Box shouldn't be too high to hop onto...about 12-16 inches.

*For 2&3 stay relaxed, land soft and absorb the force into your thighs not knees or ankles!

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