Basic Strength Training Template Part 2

Hi all,

In this newsletter I will go over the next month long template that you can perform on Tuesdays'

This template will revolve around horizontal and vertical pushing and pulling while keeping your rotator cuff strong.

1.Horizontal push- Here your main lift is the Barbell bench press. So, if your bench max is less than one and half times your bodywt., perform reps of 5 and sets of 4-5.

If you are strong beast and can lift more than one and a half times your bodywt., then do sets of 3.

Remember, to mix up your bench with incline bench press or Dumbells every other week or so.

2.Horizontal pull- Db rows or low cable row will work. make sure you lengthen on the stretch phase. 3 x8-10 will do

3.Vertical push- Db over head press or Db alternating press. 3 x8-10

4.Vertical pull- Try either body rows with a strap or bar or pull-ups or chinups. You are looking to do 3 -4 sets of 6-10 of these with perfect form.

5.Accessory vertical push- Dips or close grip bench 3x 8-10

6.Rotator cuff work- 2-5 lb wts. with elbows bent and even with the side of your face. Palms facing out. Touch wt. diagonally across body for 15 reps x 3 sets. Next have elbows by side near lower rib. Palms facing together. Pull wt. away from body. 3 x15 reps

7. Core- No lateral flexion core so try farmer 's walks for 25yds up/back with a wt. like 40-60 range and hold in one hand. Next do the other hand. Perform each hand three time. Good grip strength exercise as well but you will feel it on the outside of the abds.

*Remember to alternate the exercises from each group. For example, if you do DB row one week, do the low cable row the next. Don't do both on same day. We're not bodybuilding here.

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As you can see this is strictly a strength program. I did not include warm up prep or power work.

Good Luck and have fun

Coach Ford CSCS

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