Increasing Your Athleticism By Eliminating and Adding These Exercises

Hi all,

Some of the best ways you can increase your overall athleticism is to:

1. cut out unnecessary isolated exercises and focus more on core lifts and necessary supplemental lifts

2. work more on multidirectional energy systems work for your conditioning that incorporates more multiplanar directional conditioning work.

What am I talking about? First, to cover the first point about cutting out isolated work and focusing on getting stronger for your sport. It simply means no unnecessary exercises like biceps curls, triceps extension, leg extension,leg curls, leg press (although compound not a great exercise for an athlete).

These not only will make your workouts last way too long but they really DO NOT DO A THING FOR ADVANCING YOUR SPORTS PERFORMANCE. You want to focus on the basics like squats and deadlifts and necessary supplemental lifts like single leg DB squats to bench, DB rear foot elevated deadlifts, DB or bar step ups, horizonal rows, pullups, chins, cable or band diagonal chops (down to up).

Not only are these much better to increase your strength and mobility but they will help with creating the force necessary to make you faster.

Much more so than bodybuilding or isolated exercises! You're also not spending hours in the gym doing exercises that won't help.

For the second point, I sometimes have to be reminded by talking to or reading other strength coaches articles to again re-visit things that I used to do but have stopped doing because I have been focusing on other areas of training for the athlete. Always good to keep yourself honest!

By incorporating multi-directional training for conditioning,(which I do do but not so much for conditioning but for sports specific drills and for 1-2 exercises only), you will greatly enhance your overall athleticism and not be just this straight ahead speed demom with no agility or quickness.

So, instead of hopping on machine based equipment for your conditioning like treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and rowers. Do your acceleration drills like 10 10yds sprints (resting 45 sec. in between each sprint) 6 20's (resting 1 to 1 1/2 min. in betwen each sprint) for one day.

Other things to do: diagonal sprints 5 yds each direction diagonally for 20-25 yds. Up and back. Rest 30-45 sec. repeat 3-5 times.

Jump rope routine where you do 50 jumps of different movements like: basic jumps, side-side, twists, one foot in front one behind, jumping jacks, one foot (25 each).

Shuttles- 10 25yd up/back sprints>touch ground on each. Rest 2-3min repeat 2-3 times. You may also do 6 50yds to change it up.

Other ideas include: strongman type intervals 15-30sec worth of work same amount of rest for 3-5 min. Body weight only exercises mixed in with a 50yd stride run. Not a sprint or jog in between that. Pick an exercise to do in place and then run 50yds and do another. Do 10 total. Rest 2-3 min and do again.

Try a different one every other day and I bet your athleticism when coupled with focusing on your core lifts and necessary supplemental lifts, will definetly increase.


Thanks for reading,


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