Alternative warm-ups

In this issue, I will give some alternative

warm-ups that you can perform. I generally

give alternative warm-ups as a change of

pace or if I'm pressed for time. These

include: resistance band exercises, track

hurdle hip mobility exercises, medicine ball

exercises for core and shoulders, light jog

for 3-5 min. with change of direction after

each completed lap or diagonal runs across

field or court usually 4-6 times.

Now, I don't do the latter two together.

I'll usually pick one and do them first then

do 3-4 exercises of each of the first 3

warm-ups ( resistance band, hurdles and

med. ball). You can also do jump rope warm-up

instead of the two different run routines.

All of these will increase blood flow to the

large muscle groups like the quads, hips and

shoulders. This, in turn, will give your body

a good warm-up for your upcoming exercise


For more information on any of the warm-up

exercises or equipment mentioned, please

contact me.

Thanks for reading,