Being Well Balanced

In the athletes' pursuit of becoming fast and strong, sometimes too much of the emphasis is just on weight lifting. I know in my experience with many athletes, way too much attention is paid on weight lifting first.

Conditioning, unfortunately, comes in the form of running miles and not on building speed and speed endurance for the demands of their particular sport.

Listen, I realize most of the time these poor guys and gals have not had the benefit of working with a qualified sports performance coach.

Most of them have been instructed by their friends or the local personal trainer that still believes body building workouts are great for athletes too.

What needs to be implemented is a whole pleuthra of things. We are building athletes, not weight lifters. So, weight lifting, although very important for strength and power purposes

(Olympic lifting) it is NOT the only component to develop a well balanced athlete.

Training to become athletic or enhancing your athleticism to its fullest requires:

Flexibility and mobility work, correcting incorrect muscle patterns or movements,

strengthening core musculature, building strength, creating power, learning how to decelerate,

working on mechanics for agility and speed, performing acceleration sprints both short and long,

developing speed endurance and conditioning, learning how to recover and eat properly.

Sounds like work doesn't it. Yes, it is, however, do you want to be a weight lifter or an athlete?

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