Incorporating Explosive Exercises Into Your Training

Explosive training should eventually be incorporated into your training program to develop your power base. As a young and/or inexperienced athlete (11- to sometimes late teen years) that is new or fairly new to strength and conditioning workouts, you may want to first use bodyweight movements and some medicine ball work to develop a strength base.

After weeks(3-4) of performing multiple sets/reps of various exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, body rows and pull-ups with excellent form, this athlete may then wish to proceed into some explosive training.

For example, body weight squat jumps, plyo push-ups (off wall,bench or floor depending upon strength),plyo body rows, split lunge jumps. Sets/reps of 3 x6-8 with optimal rest in between sets. Do one lower and one upper explosive exercise a day.

Performing these exercises before strength training will not only increase strength gains but it will begin to build their elasticity and force production. And building up their elasticity and force production is crucial for all sports, especially for those sports that require speed at short distances like 5-10 yards.

And yes, that is what most sports, hockey, baseball,lacrosse,tennis and soccer to name a few.

For a more experienced athlete that is familiar with strength and conditioning workouts and already has a good strength base. (Squats and dead lifts at least 1 1/2 times your body weight for males, body weight and above for females, bench press at least 50-100lbs. more than body wt. for male athlete; DB bench press, what I prefer, for female athletes at about 1/4 their body wt.,and minimum of six good pull-ups for both genders are a fairly good guidelines for a good strength base).

It is then extremely important to add explosive exercises into your routine. For these athletes exercises like squat jumps with the bar or 10% of your body wt. for 4x4-5 reps with 1 min. rest in between for lower body and fast plyo push-ups (how many you can perform in 10 seconds) or bench press throws with either bar or 10-15% of body wt.for upper body are such examples.

All of these exercises are to be performed with good form and FAST! Perform before your strength training.

These exercises coupled with olympic lifting, plyometric drills and speed work will get you the results to make you fast.

However, I realize it is difficult to fit everything in, that is why you have to manipulate your program every month to six weeks.

So one month or 6th week you may take out the explosive exercises above but then add Olympic lifts in it's place. You would then do Oly. lifts and strength training twice a week and then do your speed work/plyos the other two days.

You always have to manipulate your program and that is just one example.

If you have questions about this article, as it is just an overview, please contact me.

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