Facts and tidbits about sports performance that you may not know

Hello all, In this issue I will share with you some facts and various tidbits pertaining to sports performance. Some you can implement right away and others you can store in your head for future reference.

Number 1- Every person should drink at least half their body wt. in ounces of water every day. This does not mean all at once. For example, if you weigh 120lbs., consume 60oz. of water per day. Break it up in various cups of water every other hour. Example: 12oz. first thing in the morning, 12 oz. 2hrs. later, 10oz. at lunch etc...

Number 2- Only a 2% decrease of water consumption can lead to muscle cramps. 5% can lead to headaches, fatigue, lack of focus and poor decision making. More than that and your body is asking for trouble. Please follow above rule of water consumption and stick with it...your body and brain will thank you.

Number 3- As we all know reaction time and quickness are crucial in your sports performance success. However, in order to be efficient in this area, you need to have a reaction time of any where from 0.1-0.4 seconds when responding to astimulus.

If not, chances are you will have slow feet and obviously a slow first step burst. You may be fast in a 40 or 60yd. sprint and your vertical jump may be over 30 inches but your lack of quickness will hurt you on the field, ice or court. Work on your quickness every day with drills like low box touches and lateral low box touches. Count how many touches you can do in 10 sec., rest 1min. and then try to beat your score before the 10sec. elapses. Go through twice and eventually (2 weeks) cut down the time from 10 to 7 sec.

Number 4- In most sports, the average sprint throughout the game is 10yds. So most of your speed requirement needs have to be to increase your speed/acceleration in 10yds. Here are some averages for the 10yd. sprint timed with a handheld stop watch. Are you in any of these categories?:

Boys 200-225 lbs.- Above ave.- 1.9sec., Fast -1.8sec. Boys 175-200 lbs.- Above ave.-1.8 sec. Fast- 1.7 sec. Boys Under 175lbs- Above ave.-1.7 sec. Fast- 1.6 sec.

Girls 150-175 lbs- Above ave.-1.9 sec. Fast-1.8sec. Girls Under 150 lbs- Above ave.-1.8 sec.Fast- 1.7sec.

Number 5- According to Dr. Stuart McGill, a clincian, professor and a great core specialist, the 3 best core or trunk exercises to strengthen your abds from all angles while strengthening your back as well are:

1.side planks,

2.Opposite arm and leg lifts on all fours,and

3.A crunch where you bend one knee and have the other straight. Place your hands palms down under the small of your back. Now lift up from your belly first and then lift up the head and shoulders. Done regularly, your abd and back should increase as well as your posture.

I hope you enjoyed these facts and if you have any questions about any of them please contact me.

Thanks for reading,


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