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Hello all,

I'd like to simplify as best as I can how to train to be fast without wasting your valuable training time on other methods.

Since I get questions all of the time about how to get fast and after watching various athletes (not mine) at my local track going through "speed workouts", I again felt it was time to really strip things down and simplify a pure speed and acceleration workout.

Now, putting aside all of the necessary components to help you build up your speed/acceleration like strength training exercises for speed, dynamic movement prep, quickness/reaction time drills, power work and static stretching/recovery work, speed and acceleration training should primarily take up most of your time to develop speed.

Speed and acceleration is not repeated sprints with minimal rest...think suicides. That is speed endurance. It will NOT GET YOU FASTER.

It also is not running a fast quarter mile,half mile or full mile. Again, this is considered speed endurance and in this case you are also performing a work capacity drill because of the volume of the exercise.

To build speed and acceleration, you must sprint at close to full speed anywhere from distances of 5-40yds. and hopefully keep your speed below 7 sec. Over that and you are in the speed endurance zone.

You also have to rest the appropriate amount of time in order for your Central Nervous System not to get over taxed. So, as I had mentioned in a prior newsletter, a good rule of thumb is to rest 1min. per every 10yds. For example: 10yds= 1min. rest. 20yds = etc...

If you rush your rest time, you will NOT GET FASTER.

Here is a beginning example of a speed/acceleration workout that I frequently give out:

Hill Sprints (great for improving form for speed development and strengthening hips)

Wk 1- 10yds x10reps twice a week

Wk 2- 10yds x10reps. Rest 3 min. and then add 10 20yd sprints

*Wk 3- Same as above for the 10's and 20's. Rest 4min and then do 5 30yd. sprints.

*Wk 4- Same as above but add 2-3 40's after resting 5min after last 30.

*Weeks 3 and 4 start sprinting on a track or turf field not on hill.

If you have any questions or comments about this, please contact me.

Thanks for reading,


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