Load to Explode

Hello all,

In your quest to move explosively in your sport you must be able to be in the proper athletic stance.

Here is your position:

1. Shoulders, hips and feet pointed straight ahead.

2. Ankles and feet "locked in"

3. Knees pushed forward

4. Hips (butt) pushed back

5. Shoulders forward in front of knees

6. Shoulders not rounded; chest up

That is your basic athletic stance. In this position, you should be able to explode in any direction. Using the cue "load to explode" will help reinforce you to:

1. get into your athletic position (loading phase) 2. explode out of it by pushing the ground away from you forcefully, driving your hands back hard and by taking long powerful strides to get to where you want to go.

If any of the positions listed above is off in your loading phase, like feet pointed outward instead of straight ahead, then your ability to explode out of it will be compromised.

It sounds simple and it is but practice this position and then try some simple drills off of it. Such as: 10 yd sprint, lateral shuffle (about 3 steps) and crossover run (about 5 -10 yds.) to name a few basic ones.

To train for speed, you must forcefully execute these drills not half-ass them.

Practice frequently on the fundamentals and practice hard to develop these biomotor patterns.

Thanks for reading,


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