More Body Weight Exercises for Mobility,Strength and Power

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Since the last newsletter intrigued some of my subscribers, I will add a few more body weight exercises for mobility, strength and power.

For Mobility, which is a critical precursor for strength development, do the following:

1a. Shoulder mobility- Reverse shoulder circles. With palms facing forward and arms by your side, make a big circle backward with both arms. Start at 20 and eventually reach up to 75.

1b. Elbow touches- Put fingertips on your temple area on the outside of your forehead. With palms facing out and elbows out,move elbows inward and try to touch them together. Do 10-20 touches

Hip Mobility- Get on all fours position on ground and do these exercises to increase your flexibility and movement in your hip abductors and glute maximus.

1a. Straight leg hip circles- Bring your right leg out to the side of you, not behind you. Keep it straight and now try to circle it in a forward movement (toes go first)at least 10 times. Now try backward circles (heels first). Do not ROCK YOUR BODY just use your hip!

1b. Straight leg kick ups- Same position as above but now kick leg upward with out assisting with your back. In other words, Don't rock. Do 10-20 each side.

1c. Straight leg leg kickbacks- Bend right knee towards chest and then straighten it by kicking it back. No Rocking. Do 10-20 each leg

Routine for Strength and Power in a Circuit Format:

1. Core work:

a. In a push-up position, do alternating elbow to knee touches for 20 total

b. Single leg bridge- Lie on back and have one leg bent and one straight but up in the air. Arms folded across chest. Lift butt off ground as high as possible for 15-20reps. Do other side.

c. Side plank kick ups- Lie on side with legs straight and stacked on top of each other. Have elbow bent on ground and out to side. Put weight on forearm and now lift your body off ground without leaning forward. Now lift up top leg and bring it down again for a minimum of 5 kicks. Do other side. Try eventually to do 15-20

Lower Body Strength and Power:

a. Squat to a soccer ball or basketball. Squat down to ball with weight on heels and chest and chin up. Hold butt on ball for 2sec. and then come up. Do 20-25.

b. Squat jumps. Same as above but just touch butt to the ball and immediately jump up. Do 6-10

c. Forward/backward lunges- Lunge with good form. Trunk up not forward. Long stride forward with front knee in line with your ankle and not in front of your toes. Power up and lunge forward with other leg. Do walking lunges. 20yds forward and then return in a backwards lunge.

d. Lunge jumps- Get in lunge position and immediately try to jump up and land and jump again. Do 6-10 each leg

Upper Body Strength and Power:

a. Elevated push-up- Find either two benches or chairs. Have your hands on one bench and feet on the other. Proceed to do 20-50 push-ups. Too easy? Put a weight on your back.

b. Elevated jumping push-ups- Same position as above but now try doing a push-up and then jumping arms off bench and do push-up again. Do 10 and then eventually try both arms and legs jump.

c. Body rows or chin-ups. Do 6-12 or more d. Plyo pull-up- From ground, jump up and do 1 pull-up. Jump down and repeat 5-10 times.

Try this routine starting from your core work first and doing each exercise one time for the reps required. So that's 11 exercises. After you complete all 11, rest 1 -2 min. and do again

Try to get 3-4 cycles in but always do your mobility exercises first. Cool down with light jog around track for one lap and then stretch.

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