Summer Offseason Tips - Part2

In the last issue I talked about the order of emphasis in training according to well respected strength and conditioning coach Dr. Bob Ward.

For the majority of his training order of emphasis I whole heartedly agree with, I would, however, also include prehab work, movement prep,neuromuscular activation (which I will cover at another time) Body wt. power training (plyometrics) and some agility work. Remember, he wrote this template probably over 20 years ago and it is still excellent. I just believe you can tweak more things in it.

Alright some more tips: You need to work on speed. It has to be trained early in the week and in your offseason to have any quality effects.

: With speed training, you need alot of recovery. 1-5min.between reps and at least 36-48hrs for next speed work

: Always start with short sprints first and as your max speed increases add speed endurance training

: Speed endurance is anything longer than 20-40yds. Most not all team sports are performing in this range

: Conditioning should be done only later in the week and on days after speed work.

: As you or the team increase their fitness level, challenge them by shortening their recovery time. Example: if you do 2 sets of a conditioning run/circuit, reduce time in between sets from say 3 1/2min. to 3min.

: To increase your work capacity, increase your workload (more exercises if circuit based conditioning or sets). I would not shorten the recovery as it is very demanding to do both.

I know this is mostly speed and conditioned based and it does not,however, excuse you from doing plyometrics and strength training.Power before strength training by the way.

Again try to follow this format. Rest, Recover and stretch.

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