A Few Pet Peeves to Share

We all have little issues in our lives or within our profession that grates on us like fingers on a chalkboard. You know, like traffic congestion or the lazy person who expects miracles but will not work for it and will blame you or whoever for their mediocore results.

I can see you shaking your head in disgust over those two.

Anyway, without getting to carried away, I will rattle off a few of my own. These are in my profession only.

1. An athlete, ex-athlete, weekend warrior, parent, parent of athlete or coach, who says to me: "I/he/she is in great shape. I/they jog a mile or two a couple times a week and go to the gym three times a week."

I just listen intently but when I have the opportunity to train this athlete phenom, most of the time they are exhausted after performing the dynamic movements, which is the warm-up.

You think I'm kidding!

2. Trainers or coaches who sometimes are the trainers that tell their athletes to "go for burn" or "I want to see you puking." Ridiculous!

3. An athlete who is woefully unprepared when it comes to warming up before a game.

4. An athlete who is woefully unprepared when it comes eating and hydrating before a workout/practice/game.

5.Same as above but add not taking the time to do any recovery exercises/stretches and wondering why they are tired or always sore. UGH!

6. Any parent of athlete, coach or athlete who is a know it all

6a. Any parent of athlete, coach or athlete that won't listen. Nothing worse than being "yessed" to death, you know they're not listening.

Yes, unfortunately all those scenarios have come up from time to time.

As I had mentioned those are only a handful of pet peeves, which I know other strength and conditioning coaches also frequently encounter.

It is, of course, how you handle each of these situations that makes one a better coach/trainer.

If anyone would like to contribute to this newsletter, please drop me a line and I may share some stories.

Thanks for reading,


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