Playing different sports to increase athleticism

In my years as a strength and conditioning coach, I have come across athletes who may have good linear speed, are well conditioned and are fairly strong.

However, when I introduce agility and balance exercises and drills, their footwork is either sloppy and/or slow.

Now not all athletes but there have been quite a few. What would cause this?

It could be that some athletes are just not that athletic. It could also be that some are not yet physically and neurologically mature. ( you see this in pre-puberty,where kids look uncoordinated).

However, there is another factor. It is an athlete that just plays one sport and plays it in just one season. Like the Fall.

If they do not do anything else athletically, then their footwork for agility, balance and quickness are way behind those who play multiple sports.

If the athlete either does not like or cannot make the team of the other seasonal sports, I would suggest playing a recreational sport that would fill that void.

Suggestions would be quick start/stop in all directions sports like tennis, soccer, basketball, racquetball, wrestling and other martial arts.

These can all be done recreationally and are excellent for foot/hand quickness. As well as getting quick hips, agility and balance.

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