It's The Muscles You Can't See That Need To Be Strengthened For Speed

Yes, you read that right. Having huge quads, massive pecs and

bulging biceps (although some strength coaches may disagree with

me with the biceps one) are not as important as the posterior

chain muscles.

It is these “hidden” muscles that are usually underdeveloped by

the athlete. Why? Because we can’t see them in the mirror and

it’s no fun to train them.

The muscles in question are the lower extremity extensor muscles

like the ankle extensors and calf, hamstrings and glutes (butt).

In the upper back, the scapula must be able to move freely while

the elbows are driving back and down forcefully.

In other words, if these muscles in your upper back are not

strong, then the muscles of your upper trapezuis will do most of

the work.And that will look like you are shrugging your shoulders

while you sprint; which will slow you down.

It is imperative to strengthen these muscles.

An example for the lower body is the Deadlift. The heavier you

can do the better. I will go over deadlift progressions in

another article.

Primarily, 4 sets of 4 to 5 reps at between 85-90% of your max

is where you want to train at.

For the upper body, body rows, chins (3 x10) and heavy DB rows

in an athletic stance and high elbow pull are good choices (4x5).

As you progress, add a weighted vest to your body rows and chins

but make sure you get full range of motion up and down. Perform

3-4 sets x 4-5 reps.

These exercises are examples for strengthening your posterior

chain muscles for speed.

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