Are you getting the right mix?

Alright, I'd like to re-hash a topic that I touched upon briefly a couple of times.

Here it is. Are you/your team hydrating during your game? If so, with what? Nothing? Awful. Water? Not bad.

Carbo only drink like Gatorade or Powerade? Better.

Protein and carbo mixed drink like Accelerade or Endurox? If so, Even better.

Why is protein added to carbohydrates a better solution? For a list of reasons.

Starting with: BETTER and FASTER RECOVERY from endurance, strength and interval training. : Reduced muscle soreness so that athlete(s) will be ready to train/compete for next practice/game.

: Better enhanced immune function than a just a carbohydrate drink alone. In other words, players will have a decreased chance of being sick, which means a more healthy team.

So, the results of all this is in a nutshell :

- More muscle strength

- Decrease body fat

- and the ability to train at increased intensities more frequently.

Now, as a coach or athlete, doesn't this information get you excited! It's all true.

Athletes/teams that I have trained and have used a mixed protein/carb drink, have reported that they had more sustained energy during their game or workout than a Gatorade.

They have also reported much less muscle soreness after workouts and games.

Yes, I have witnessed it firsthand.

There is no excuse to not put this information to use. It is solidly researched.

As a coach or athlete, you need to get out of old habits that are detrimental to your team or yourself.

Believe me, the difference will be rewarding.

Thanks for reading,


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