Quick Foot Touch Drills

Hello all,

Sorry for the delay of the next power and speed training tips issue but I've been busy, busy.

What I thought I'd like to go over again in our pursuit of speed,is exercises that will enhance fast foot touches.

In the ever evolving world of strength and conditioning/sports performance, what's good today is often antiquated by tomorrow. So, myself and other strength coaches have to look at the current trends and research and find out what we can discard and replace with better drills,exercises or whatever.

I know in the past I have touched upon this topic of quick feet drills and some of the exercises like jumping rope and quick hops, I think are still good exercises to develop quick feet.

However, to transfer quick touch foot drills over to a more sports speed acceleration emphasis (rather than just a few steps) these drills/exercises will help.

1. Low box touches-

For this drill, you will need a step that is only 6 inches high. Start with one foot on the step..balls of foot only. The other foot is on the ground. Lean forward so that your chest and upper body is leaning forward not back. Now quick touch your foot on step and quickly repeat with other...like a sprinting motion. Get arms pumping and keep shoulders down. Time yourself for 7 sec. and count the number of touches total. Rest 1 min. and repeat. Try to beat your last score.

You can do this after your mobility exercises.

2. Stiff ankle or pogo plyometrics-

For this one, it is very important that you jump high and limit your ground contact to a minimum. In other words, once you touch the ground, immediately jump back up and high as possible.

As the name implies, you are going to jump up as high as possible with legs straight and touch the ground with the balls of your feet as quickly as forcefully as possible. Again, count number of touches for 10sec. in this case. Rest 1 min.and repeat trying to beat your first score.

These also can be performed after your mobility drills and before your sprints to really excite your central nervous system. I think you will really notice that your foot touches will be fast and powerful during your sprint/acceleration drills.

Have fun and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading, Andy

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