Running based warm-ups

Ok, having gone over walking and ground based warm-ups, our next sequence is to add sport-specific and some sprint mechanic warm-ups. I will go over some basic ones of each.

I ususally start off with " Marching" because of the emphasis on hip drive. Quick, powerful foot strikes off the balls of the foot will help "drive' your hip upward powerfully. Keep a natural arm swing and keep trunk up. Do 10-20 yds.

Next, take that basic movement but now add a " High knee run" or " High hip run". Again emphasizing quick, powerful and soft foot strikes.Keep trunk up and keep elbows in but drive them back. Hands not clenched, they should be loose, almost like holding a potato chip. Do same distance as above.

"Basic skipping" with the same hip and arm action as the the first warm-ups this is a very good sprint mechanic prep exercise. The idea here is to bounce repeatedely off one foot and then the other with good foot strikes to drive hip up. Perform over 10-20yds.

"Side shuffles". Facing laterally, the idea is to first push off with the furthest away foot. ( shuffling to the right, push off left foot first) Lift up closest foot and then proceed to maximally push off balls of both feet laterally and shuffle over 10yds.

"Half cross over run". Again facing sideways, proceed to take your left leg across(if you are running to your right) your right leg. You have to turn your hip of your left leg and lift up on toes on your right leg continuously in order to run in this fashion. It is almost like a carioca but without bringing the leg behind you. Do not turn shoulders in. Do 10-20yds.

These are five basic sprint mechanic and sport-specific warm-ups you can start with and perfect. The idea again is to perform them fluidly with no extra or unnecessary body movement.

Adding other running based flexibilty movements to your routine will become necessary once you master the above exercises. However, in the next issue, I will go over some completely different warm-up exercises that I have used to change things up. Hint. They work well.

Thanks for reading,