Taking the Time to Rest and Recover

Now that the spring season for sports has finished, it is important to take some time to rest and recover.

Taking the opportunity to relax awhile and recuperate from nagging injuries is crucial.

I understand the impatience we have as athletes to always be "on the go." However, you can do more harm than good if you rush back into training that you haven't done since the off-season.

For example, jogging for distance ( which you know I hate for power athletes)lifting too heavy after a long lay off or just dopey body building training because you want to look good for the beach.

What should you do? Take a full week off from training and 1.rehydrate 2.Consume more calories ( no, not junk food) You more than likely lost a lot of water weight as well as depleted vital anti-oxidants because of all the practices and games.Also, be honest, you probably didn't eat well or hardly at all.

So now is the opportunity to give your body the proper nutrients it needs to repair and recover. 3. Work on your flexibility and mobility that you probably lost during the season.

See how your body feels after the week off. If it still feels tired and sore, then repeat the above program until you feel more energized.

If you feel better, then you need to start to build on the strength, speed and agility program that you worked hard on in the off-season. Your goal is to increase upon everthing that you had previously accomplished.

Good luck and listen to your body.

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