Your Chance to Develop Profitable Speed Clinics

Hello all,

I would like to inform my subscribers of an opportunity

presented to me by my friend and fellow strength and conditioning

specialist Pat Beith. He and his partner, Latif Thomas, of

Athletes Acceleration are putting together a mentorship program

along with three other great strength and speed coaches.

Believe me they are excellent.

They intend to help you run successful speed clinics by taking

you through a step by step process to help you not only eliminate

mistakes but make it easy for you to operate these enormously

popular and profitable clinics.

This is a terrific opportunity and you will learn an abundant

amount of valuable information.

If you cannot make this, I urge you to pass it on to any COACHES

you know. We need to make sure our COACHES are training not only

our youth athletes correctly but athletes of all levels.

Here's to your success and education,


Speed Clinic Empire

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