Top Seven Weight Training Mistakes for Strength

In this newsletter, I will go over the top seven weight training mistakes for strength by athletes.

There may be more or less than seven but I like the number so I'll stick with it.

1. Thinking that cardio and body weight only exercises for high reps is sufficient for strength

2. Performing body building exercises only.. you know multiple sets/reps and exercises for the biceps,triceps, back and chest.

3. Relying only on machines and not on free weights for compound movements or multi-joint movements, which very few machines will do.

4. Doing the same weight training routine over and over and over again.

5. Only doing light to moderate resistance

6. Putting too much weight on for no ryhme nor reason and usually performing exercise incorrectly as result. Don't show off!

7. Not trying to do a max lift to determine: A. How strong you are with that particular exercise. B.To work in your individual strength range to get best results

Yes, there are probably more come to think of it but see if you or anybody you know fits into those categories. If so,

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