Summer Offseason Tips - Part1

Now that you've enjoyed a little rest and recovery, it's good idea to start your summer offseason strength and conditioning program. In this issue, I will address the secrets and tips needed to help you create dividends in your training if you apply it.

Here goes. According to Dr. Bob Ward, a former great strength coach with the Dallas Cowboys,the order of emphasis in training for power sports is:

Pure strength- think power lifting type exercises (squat,deadlift, bench press and I would throw in rows and pull-ups)

Power training- Olympic weight lifting,plyometric work)

Ballistics- Medicine training and throws

Sprint loading- resisted sprints (sled, bullet belt)

Speed enhancement- Speed training (acceleration work)

Speed endurance- Speed over distance ( remember this wil not get you faster)

Over speed development- this is assisted speed development. Think of sprinting down a hill. Only do this type of training when your speed mechanics are excellent.

If you stick with this type of model, you will greatly increase your speed, strength and power.

I will give more tips in the next issue. Please pass this info.on to any coach or athlete you know. Or better yet,sign them up for my free newsletter.

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