Your Strength and Conditioning New Years Resolution

Hello all, I hope every one had great holiday season. Mine was great. I got to spend more time with my family and I also had the opportunity to enjoy sleeping in for a while!

That in itself was a blessing.

Anyway, I'm sure like you, I was thinking about specific goals that I'd like to achieve in 2010. Some were fitness related, some business related and a few others were a mix of family goals and other miscellaneous issues.

I emphasize the word specific because according to many successful business and sports performance mentors, you must be specific and not generic when defining your personal goals.

What do I mean?

Here are some examples of sports performance goals I receive from athletes or coaches when they contact me:

1. I want to increase my speed to a 4.4 40 in three months. I currently run a 4.85

2. I want to lose about 35-40lbs for football season

3. I want my athletes to be quicker for soccer

Yes, some of the comments are this blunt and generic but I am embellishing the point a bit. However, as you can see if you are this generic with your plan of reaching certain goals, then chances are you will not reach them.

You need to be more specific!

Comment 1- How are you going to run a 4.4 40? What is your plan of action? Is it possible to reach that goal in three months? Probably not. A more realistic plan would be to decrease your time by a tenth each month.

That would be more specific and more manageable to attain. Now you can start training properly by implementing a weekly and then monthly structured mobilty,strength,power and speed workout plan to help you reduce your 40 time.

Comment 2-

Again with this goal, work on how much body wt. do you want to lose in a month? Make it realistic. How about 10 lbs in a month? How are you going to do that? For football you need some size and mass for the impact of the game but depending on the position too much body fat is a detriment.

So, drink a lot more water, eliminate fast food and simple sugars (not fruit) and eat more protein,veggies and good fats and eat at least 5 times a day. Now write down what you will be eating each day (it's not that hard). The next step will be your strength and conditioning program. You will need to train at least 5 times a week. 3-4 strength and power days,2 days of sprint work and probably 2-3 days of interval work (not on speed days)to get weight down.

Comment 3-

Why aren't your players quick now? Are you doing any quickness drills? Do you know any quickness drills?

To work in quickness drills, you need to have your team doing mobility first and always! Tight joints will not help muscles get quicker. So do that first before you start anything.

Next make sure they can do fundamental sports specific movements like shuffling properly, doing a half crossover run, doing a hip turn correctly. Can they decelerate laterally well? Can they decelarate linearally?

All of this helps make a better athlete. You can then start to implement quickness drills like linear and lateral line jumps timed or rep based every day for 2 -3 weeks and then add wide outs and fast pogos for te next 3 weeks

Plan it out, be specific and be successful

Thanks for reading, Andy

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