About This Site


I'd like to tell you briefly about this site. Working as an independent contractor and traveling to train athletes is fun but tiring. A friend of mine in the strength and conditioning business said "that you really need a website to bring another dimension to your business".

Well, I kept procrastinating because I really thought it would be difficult and frankly, I wasn't particularly computer savvy.

However, my friend would keep bugging me and in the meantime I noticed how well he was doing in his internet business. So, I thought if I don't try I'll be kicking myself.

Now, I thought what web design service would I use? I really don't want anything complicated. What I found was Solo Build It! I went to their home site and read. Wow! Was it informative.

I ordered the product and with some help from one of their certified web designers ( Marc de Jong), who helped me with the first seven pages,I was able to get enough confidence to continue on.

All I can say is Solo Build It is easy to use and over delivers with tons of other services and products. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to either expand their current business, start a new hobby or just put an information site up. It's fun and easy to follow with lots of people to help you along the way.

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