Agility, what exactly is it? Well, it is the ability of the athlete to be able stop and start on the field, court or ice efficiently and then explode into a sprint. Being able to change direction not only quickly but also with good mechanics separates an athletic person from a person who just plays sports.

Good footwork technique, quickness of feet in both the acceleration phase (starting) and deceleration phase (stopping) and keeping hips low while “cutting” are examples of a person with good change of direction skills.

You may have seen players that possess good linear speed but can be easily be beaten by an opponent that moves side to side well or stops/starts quickly. I have seen this quite a bit and unfortunately they are a detriment to their team.

This type of training is one facet of speed training that must be addressed in your workouts. Working on drills that will emphasize quick stop/start movements, changing of direction and keeping hips low will increase the athleticism of the player.

I am confident that I can provide some great drills that will enhance these skills. Please don’t procrastinate all you have to do is inquire.

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