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Basketball training for the basketball athlete is one where all facets of a strength and conditioning program has to come into play. The most frequent questions I get when a coach, parent or a basketball athlete approaches me are :

Can you get me, my players, my son/daughter stronger? They are getting pushed around. Next question I hear is : I, my team, my son/daughter don’t feel quick enough. Can you get me quicker? And, of course, Can you help me increase my vertical jump?

The answer I give them is yes but you have to be consistent and disciplined with the strength and conditioning program.

The routines I personally have given for basketball players and teams have included more exercises to increase vertical power (after developing core strength ,lower and upper extremity strength and good overall flexibility), various small area (5-10 yards) quickness and agility drills (timed and with resistance and non-resistance), and injury prevention exercises.

Big gains in all the aforementioned areas can be made with a well rounded strength and conditioning program to first create base strength and increase flexibility and joint mobility. Then properly manipulate the routine to include power, speed and quickness exercises to build an explosive player and/or team.

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